Purposeful photography, fueled by passion for simplicity

Purposeful photography, fueled by passion for simplicity


Selecting an experienced photographer is important to ensure your captured moments are a high-quality investment that exceeds your expectations. Knowing what you are investing in and what your end-product will be is important. During the design process, I will also show you what luxury albums, prints, and digitals will look like. I will assist you in downloading your images and selecting luxury prints. 


Reservation fees; This could also be called a sitting fee or booking fee. When you reserve sessions individually the reservation fees start at is $250.00 but vary depending on the type of session you are investing in - This covers your photographer's talent and time for your session. 


Reservation fee payments are required to secure your session date(s) with me. Once that is done we dive into the journey of documenting your family! 


Sometimes, my clients want to spread out paying for their collection, and that is perfectly fine. If you want an installment plan we can work it out to fit your budget. This is an investment in your memories and something you need to be 100% confident about. Please let me know if you have any questions, I am here for you every step of the way! 

Reservation Fees

How we get started...

Reservation fees start at $250.00 for a full session and $85.00 for a mini session. Reservation fees are due to secure a session with me. They are non-refundable & are not included in collection costs. Your reservation fee covers the time & talent of your photographer to preform the session itself.

Collection Investment

What is the minimum?

Our collections start at $850.00 & go from there. Once you secrure your session with your reservation fee, we will kick start the process of planning. Once your session is complete and delivered you will choose your collection at that point.